Hello Orval world!

Yep, this is it… the first and world famous blog message: “Hello World!”.

And with this famous post, the one and only Orval Club Belgium is born.

We are three Belgian beerlovers that love aged trappist beers, especially Orval. And after a few months of late night brainstorming in our favorite bar “Zapoi” at Mechelen (Belgium), we finally decided to go for it!

With this club, we want to inform and inspire our followers with history and knowledge of our favorite beer Orval.

Orval is known to taste better when it’s aged, so we decided to specialize ourselfs in the art of ageing Orval.

Not as easy as we expected, Orval became so famous and wanted in Belgium that it is hard to get your hands on. But, persistent as we are, we started to buy Orval all over the country  😉 . Ok, ok, we know… From a logistics point of view this doesn’t look very professional, but we’ll work on that 😉 .

That said, our first round of buying resulted in or first stock of a couple of hundreds Orvals that we put up for ageing in a climatized dark room.

And now we have to be patient and wait for the perfect aged Orval.

As soon as the perfect ageing is reached, we will put up some aged Orvals for sale directly from our private beer cellar.

If you want to follow our endeavours and get notified when we have some aged Orval for sale, please follow us via this blog our on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). You can also subscribe to our newsletter here below.

And remember, “An alien would love Orval”! (If your not Belgian, we’ll explain this quote later) 😀

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