Over ons

What began as a crazy idea of us, three Belgian beerlovers, has grown out to become the first fan club of Orval. In our opinion the best beer in the world.

Our mission
With our free membership for everyone, we strive to make Orval equally available and accessible to all our members.

Our vision
Orval is a sparse and authentic product to be enjoyed by all beerlovers over the world. When available, each member will get the opportunity to buy a modest amount of aged and non-aged Orval, no one can claim more.
We will use e-commerce technology for our distribution, this makes the equality of it easily trackable.
From time to time we will try to connect our members to share the passion for Orval through social media, newsletters and gatherings.

Our values
Equality, respect, understanding and compassion are core values we cherish.

In the tradition of the trappist Monks a reasonable amount of the profit made by selling Orval to the members will be donated to one or more charities.