About us

What began as a crazy idea of us, three Belgian beerlovers, has grown out to become the first fan club of Orval. In our opinion the best Trappist beer in the world.

Our mission
The intention is to inform and inspire our members, sympathizers, ‘followers’ with the history of and knowledge about our favorite beer Orval.We also started to study the maturing of beers.

Our vision

Orval is a sparse and authentic product to be enjoyed by all beerlovers over the world. Because we want everyone to be able to enjoy the perfect taste of a matured Orval, as a registered member, you will occasionally be invited to one of our tasting days. A pleasant private gathering when we open our private beer cellar to enjoy a matured Orval.

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Our values
Equality, respect, understanding and compassion are core values we cherish.

In the tradition of the trappist Monks a reasonable amount of the profit made by selling Orval gadgets to the members will be donated to one or more charities via Foundation Mechelen.